Conrad Gargett

High light conditions are always an issue for any kind of projection. Imagine watching a movie in a cinema with the lights on. Luckily we have been doing research into this area and have a few tricks up or sleeve.

-To Create a 3 act display to the wall above the Reflection Pool of the Queensland Art Gallery for the 100 year anniversary celebration of the architectural firm Conrad Gargett.
-The display is to provide an ambient backdrop to the event that highlights the long history of the company and incorporates many of its architectural achievements.
-Act 1. A 20 minute 2D motion graphic focusing on the long history of the company and its early major works.
-Act 2. A combination of 2D/3D graphics highlighting more recent works. This section is to have a more modern feel.
-Act 3. 3D effects driven display focusing on the more iconic designs from the firm.

Technical Issues:
The high light levels on the wall in question had to be catered for. Especially the up-lighting directly onto the projection surface. Generally these conditions will lessen the effects of Projection Mapping and are never ideal for more complicated effects, but our research into high-light environments allowed us to cater for these conditions and chose which directions to follow.

Queensland Art Gallery,
Reflection Pool

Choosing the correct graphics and using the right equipment was key, and knowing that pushing the 3D-effects too far just wont work. We ended up designing a show that incorporated strong bold graphic elements on a large scale and implemented a colour palate suitable to the lighting conditions. Also waiting to show the really complicated stuff until the end, when everyone has had a few drinks, doesn’t hurt either.