Back Doctor

We were allowed to have a bit of fun with this one. The client was very clever in his marketing approach and was actively departing from the more traditional, and I have to say, austere advertising techniques of his competition.

With a name as simple and strong as “Back Doctor” his services are obvious. He is also well positioned on a busy corner in a popular dining and café strip, and is situated across from traffic lights.

What was required was a punchy display that draws the eye, and is also fast enough to give vehicles stopped at the lights a bit of variety and a decent show.

Hopefully something memorable. Something to talk about.  Something that will make the name, and services, of the Back Doctor stick in peoples mind.

No slow ambient light show here.

-To provide a dynamic night-time display in order to highlight the practices presence and create a talking point.
-To also provide a daytime feature element to suit the new fitout.
-Incorporate and enhance the strong branding and name in the final solution.
-Utilise the corner location to its full extent, and draw attention from passing vehicles and pedestrian traffic.

Cnr Park Rd & Douglas St,
Milton, Brisbane,

Back Doctor waiting room

designed and manufactured the embossed backboard to be used as a projection surface. Media was produced that specifically utilised the details of the backboard.

The projection system was sourced and provided by Propaganda Mill. Media starts automatically on power-on for ease of use.

-1 Short Throw Projector
-1 USB Stick
-1 Ceiling mount