Jamie’s Espresso Bar

Another fun job, this time at our local haunt.

Jamie has expanded his espresso bar into a bar bar, and we where able to add some colour and light to the opening week.

Focusing on providing a nice mix of ambient lighting effects, fun 3d sequences, daytime options, and a few laughs to provide a nice backdrop to the casual little lane-way bar.

Back Doctor

We were allowed to have a bit of fun with this one. The client was very clever in his marketing approach and was actively departing from the more traditional, and I have to say, austere advertising techniques of his competition.

With a name as simple and strong as “Back Doctor” his services are obvious. He is also well positioned on a busy corner in a popular dining and café strip, and is situated across from traffic lights.

Conrad Gargett

High light conditions are always an issue for any kind of projection. Imagine watching a movie in a cinema with the lights on. Luckily we have been doing research into this area and have a few tricks up or sleeve.

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