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Vivid 2015

Another year, Another Vivid. This year we had Cadman’s Cottage.

(C) 2015 Gerard Blacklock, all rights reserved
Image supplied by TDC.

Wanting to make an interactive piece that multiple people could enjoy, we decided on a format that monitored a 10m performance area.

Bayside Illumination Festival

Projector placement
This was a project we put together for the inaugural Bayside Illumination festival. The brief was to simply to provide an ambient backdrop to the community driven event.

Sydney Vivid: e|MERGEnce. Interactive Light Sculpture

Projector placement
Yup. Its a big head. but not just that. It an interactive media/people/sound driven big head designed and built for Vivid Sydney Light Festival 2014 by Buchan Group. We were approached to provide the programming and technical assistance to drive the media and equipment.

Christmas Show: Taiwan

Projector placement
Wanchin Basilica and its associated month long Christmas festival is a major annual event in Taiwan. The projection was held on key dates over the course of the month with over 30,000 people viewing each performance.

Our brief was to create a culturally sensitive show that appealed to the local audience and highlighted elements from the churches history and culture. We were given a tight script and list of elements to apply to the final piece. Some of the elements may appear incongruous, but the events repeatedly made national news and received a lot of media attention.

Animated Signage: Casio

This is a technique that we often recommend for interior spaces, so its about time we posted some videos showing it.

We don’t like thinking of our projection surfaces as “screens”. By utilizing a physical feature, such as a logo or graphic element set out from the wall, we can create graphics that give the appearance of a much bigger element than a single projector or screen would provide. One projector and the right design can give the appearance of filling an entire wall. A much more cost effective solution than a wall of projectors trying to replicate a large TV screen.

If designed properly, this technique is MUCH more robust in higher light situations. We also have a range of materials with different optical properties for the signage elements.  This not only allows for different effects, but also for different lighting conditions.


Vinyl wall graphics are permanent. Projected graphics are up-datable. This is a great example of a modern interpretation of traditional wall graphics. This system also allows for one graphics package to be created and then installed across multiple stores. It also allows for new content to be added easily and seamlessly. For example, Sales, Holidays, and Specials.

We can provide you with viable, and cost effective options for creating impact-full features for your illuminated space.

Teneriffe Festival 2012

This was a fun project as we were given free reign to do what we liked, and now that the Teneriffe festival is one of the biggest in Brisbane, we also had a large audience for the work. We were allocated a 20m stretch of wall, and the upright pillar details gave us a nice “frame” to work within.

HD Version Here.

James St Event. Space Furniture

Well I decided this job was worth posting because of the time-scale.  We had one week (and limited budget). Trust me, one week is short, and it was a challenge. The surface we had to work with wasn’t ideal either. Back lit blinds and the black exterior surface of Space Furniture.

Despite all these limitations, the job turned out well. HD VERSION HERE

Retail Projection Concepts

Using projectors in a commercial space is kind of a new concept. Especially during the day, and in lit spaces. In fact, we don’t know of anyone else who is pursuing this avenue as actively as we are. Unfortunately this means that a lot of people just aren’t aware of what we can achieve, and how we do it.

That’s why we have put together this concept video. HD VERSION HERE. It showcases just a few of the possibilities and hopefully gives you a better understanding of how we can help you to enhance your premises.

If you want to learn more, keep reading for some practical information. It will explain the basics of the techniques we use, and what you need to know to implement them.

Projection Branding

Here is a service that we have been playing with recently. We use projectors, and a clients business name/logo/identity to create very effective (if I do say so myself) branding opportunities. Be it temporary or permanent, its a new and eye catching way of getting your business noticed.


The effect itself is quite robust and looks very 3D and solid, even in a some well lit environments. Its not just for outside at night. Think inside shopping centres and convention halls.

It is also quite cost effective and reusable. Anyhow, have a look at the video, and see for yourself.

BTW, If you are interested in us providing a similar service for your business, and want to read about the nitty gritty and what services we can offer, hit MORE below.

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