Sydney Vivid: e|MERGEnce. Interactive Light Sculpture

Projector placement
Yup. Its a big head. but not just that. It an interactive media/people/sound driven big head designed and built for Vivid Sydney Light Festival 2014 by Buchan Group. We were approached to provide the programming and technical assistance to drive the media and equipment.

Left alone, the sculptures surface features were used to display a range of custom designs and messages.
Projector placement
Projector placement
When activated, users were able to interact and place their faces onto the 1.8m tall sculpture and change its appearance through the use of a hidden microphone.
Projector placement
We assembled the custom software and hardware to run the 3 projectors that lit the entire of the sculpture giving it an appearance of internal illumination. Motion sensors were utilized to automatically activate a series of video cameras set to different peoples heights. The software then rolled back the base footage to reveal the persons face on the sculpture.
Projector placement
The system was also designed to allow for easy setup and precision mapping with another custom piece of programming.
Projector placement
Vivid Sydney 2014

Project Partner: Buchan Group

-3x Projectors
-Driving PC
-Custom Software
-Motion sensors
-Dual video feeds
-1 big head