Christmas Show: Taiwan

Projector placement
Wanchin Basilica and its associated month long Christmas festival is a major annual event in Taiwan. The projection was held on key dates over the course of the month with over 30,000 people viewing each performance.

Our brief was to create a culturally sensitive show that appealed to the local audience and highlighted elements from the churches history and culture. We were given a tight script and list of elements to apply to the final piece. Some of the elements may appear incongruous, but the events repeatedly made national news and received a lot of media attention.

In order to stay within budget, we had to minimize unnecessary travel. We were able to create custom software that reduced the risk of any setup problems and gave us the flexibility to do the majority of work remotely. Including leaving the setup and running of the show by the event organizers.

-2 16k Projectors
-1 Media machine running custom software
-Sound system driven by integrated soundtrack

Rooster Lighting

Wanchin Basilica