Animated Signage: Casio

This is a technique that we often recommend for interior spaces, so its about time we posted some videos showing it.

We don’t like thinking of our projection surfaces as “screens”. By utilizing a physical feature, such as a logo or graphic element set out from the wall, we can create graphics that give the appearance of a much bigger element than a single projector or screen would provide. One projector and the right design can give the appearance of filling an entire wall. A much more cost effective solution than a wall of projectors trying to replicate a large TV screen.

If designed properly, this technique is MUCH more robust in higher light situations. We also have a range of materials with different optical properties for the signage elements.  This not only allows for different effects, but also for different lighting conditions.

Here is a document we use to explain the principle in more detail. LINK

-To provide a dynamic, eye catching graphics utilizing the Casio Logo as a base.
-To take into account the Lens proportions of the Casio range and design a versatile setup suitable for installation into temporary Trade Shows and events, through to permanent interior installs.

Portable and/or permanent

-Casio Projector Range
-Laser Cut signage