Teneriffe Festival 2012

This was a fun project as we were given free reign to do what we liked, and now that the Teneriffe festival is one of the biggest in Brisbane, we also had a large audience for the work. We were allocated a 20m stretch of wall, and the upright pillar details gave us a nice “frame” to work within.

HD Version Here.

-To provide a dynamic, custom fitted, night-time display in order to provide a vibrant backdrop to the night-time activities and concerts.
-To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the London Woolstore.
-To take into account the possibility that several of the tenants’ would be home and we had no control over their window areas.
-Utilise the location to its full extent, and draw attention from passing pedestrian traffic.
London Woolstore,
36 Vernon Tce, Newstead

We had one month and no real restrictions on content, so we where allowed to play. We decided to create 2-3 longer pieces, and combine this with many smaller individual graphics.  This approach allowed us to produce a large amount of varied content with nearly 20 minutes of custom footage.

-16K Large format projector.
-Mounting Frame to allow projection above head height.
-Weather proofing.