James St Event. Space Furniture

Well I decided this job was worth posting because of the time-scale.  We had one week (and limited budget). Trust me, one week is short, and it was a challenge. The surface we had to work with wasn’t ideal either. Back lit blinds and the black exterior surface of Space Furniture.

Despite all these limitations, the job turned out well. HD VERSION HERE

-To provide a dynamic custom fitted night-time display in order to provide and “Entrance” to the James St Up Late event.
-To incorporate graphics on the semi transparent blinds and the black exterior surface.
-To take into account the back lighting on the blinds with the choice of graphics.
-Utilise the corner location to its full extent, and draw attention from passing vehicles and pedestrian traffic.

Space Furniture,
10 James St,
Fortitude Valley, Brisbane,

The time scale was short. Really short. So we had to be creative in our approach. We decided to create less pieces than usual, but let them run a little longer. This saved us time on the concept design stage and allowed us to focus on “evolving” the graphics throughout the running time. This approach ensures, the sequences remain fresh over a longer play period.

We ended up with 6 strong pieces. Half  drawn from our library of designs and modified accordingly, the other half created specifically for the site.

-16K Large format projector.
-Mounting Frame to allow projection above head height.
-Weather proofing.