Projection Branding

Here is a service that we have been playing with recently. We use projectors, and a clients business name/logo/identity to create very effective (if I do say so myself) branding opportunities. Be it temporary or permanent, its a new and eye catching way of getting your business noticed.


The effect itself is quite robust and looks very 3D and solid, even in a some well lit environments. Its not just for outside at night. Think inside shopping centres and convention halls.

It is also quite cost effective and reusable. Anyhow, have a look at the video, and see for yourself.

BTW, If you are interested in us providing a similar service for your business, and want to read about the nitty gritty and what services we can offer, hit MORE below.

Projection Branding is suitable for a lot of situations ranging from permanent instillation (such as external building facades and retail environments) through to temporary events (music festivals, sporting events, conventions, even parties). We can cater to all of these.

For permanent instillations, we can supply you with the appropriate projectors or point you in the right direction for serviced leasing, and for temporary events, we can loan you one of our projectors. In all cases, we will be on hand to install and set-up the final product.

Interesting points to note:
-We can develop the graphics for a one off cost and this can then be reused at a later date, in a different location.
-Its not just names that we can project. Consider graphic elements, corporate mascots, even people.
-This is relatively quick to produce and set up. In an emergency, we can probably get you set up with a few days notice.
-Compared to permanent external signage, This is quite a cost effective method for large, eye-catching branding.