Vivid 2015

Another year, Another Vivid. This year we had Cadman’s Cottage.

(C) 2015 Gerard Blacklock, all rights reserved
Image supplied by TDC.

Wanting to make an interactive piece that multiple people could enjoy, we decided on a format that monitored a 10m performance area.

Titled INTER/play, we ended up turning Cadman’s cottage into a performance piece. Users and passer-by’s were drawn into a real-time magical environment suitable for adults and children alike.

The media was sculpted entirely by the users. By using 3D depth camera analysis, a live digital map was created of each spectator. The movements of the audience and its reactions wee captured. The dynamic custom built software then analyzed and responded to the audience in real time. The graphics evolved depending on the interaction of all passers-by rather than the traditional series of pre-rendered events. The end result is visualized using architecture as a canvas and light as a material.

Each performance was unique.