Pitches: Museum

This was an initial concept we put together to enhance and update an aging museum exhibit. The use of projectors add motion and life to a static display. By projecting water effects, info-graphics about the items in the exhibit, and additional fish and animals, a new level of immersion is added to the exhibit.


Halloween Container Show WIP:

Here is a sneak peak into another section of the halloween Container show. These sequences are played between the interactive skull piece. Again, some crazy stuff, but hey, its Hallowween.






WIP: Halloween Interactive Skull

Here is a piece we are working on for this Halloween. Its another piece for the stacked shipping containers.

We are using a microphone input to control the interaction. The louder the input, the more the reaction. It starts with just the mouth moving, elevates to head tilt and flaming mouth. Higher volumes cause steam to come out the ears, followed by the loudest setting that causes flaming explosions. All very silly but that is Halloween for you. Should be fun for the kids. Keep an eye out on the Projections page for a video of the final piece.
Voice activated animation

Loud activation

Whale Themed Show

Unused Artwork:

I loved the artwork we produced for this proposal. It was a projection show to tie in with an exhibit, but unfortunately it wasn’t used. We were thinking bright, colorful and stylized.




Zero Dark Sketchy

Being designers ourselves, we organized a series of casual group sketching/drawing nights Industrial Designers. Its a great way to meet and interact with fellow designers and to meet the next generation of creatives.
Projector placement

Car Conceprt




Welcome to the LAB

A quick insight into up and coming projects, research pieces, and all round fun personal projects inspired by our work at Propaganda Mill.

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